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  The distinguished school principals, teachers, dear classmates:

  How do you do! I am in class five < 6 > huang, the title of my speech today is "the book is the key that opens the door to knowledge".

  Shakespeare once said, "life without books, like the earth without sunlight; wisdom without books, is just like a bird without wings." Influenced by mom and dad, since I was young, I had got into the habit of reading newspaper. I first thing in the end of each day, be quickly picked up the newspaper that day.

  On one occasion, I read a book with cyber language, and then take the book ran in front of the father said: "dad, I don't want to be a genius." Father strangely ask me why? I opened the book, pointing to the above explanation to dad: genius - born fool. Dad find xinhua dictionary from the shelf, let me check on the dictionary explanation. On the dictionary explanation is: genius is suffering ingenuity. Dad said to me: "if you study hard, learn useful knowledge from the book, dad believe you will be a very talented person. Otherwise, you really could become the so-called 'genius'!"

  I love reading, every time I took a new book, feel there is a vivid, talking wonderful thing came into my life. In his book, captain nemo and I drove "nautilus" changyou seabed two miles; And Dr Alex in a balloon adventure across Africa, through the balloon five weeks; Gentleman with falk, through hardships, eighty days to travel around the earth. I have tears for the little match girl, cheer for the ugly duckling into a white swan.

  The classmates! Do you know why the sun every day east west fall? Why is the sky blue? Why summer cicadas sing? Quickly open the book, the answer is inside!

  My speech finished, thank you!










  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen:

  When I was in the primary school, I have a dream. I want to invent a device which could bring you from one place to another in no time at all. When I was in the secondary school, my dream was to study in my ideal university. And when eventually I got into the university, my dream was to graduate.

  How pathetic! When we grow up, we dream less and become more realistic. Why? Why do we have to change our dreams, so, so in order to let it be

  Ladies and gentlemen, the reality is not real. It is a barrier keeping us from all the possible fantasies. Flying, for example, had been a dream to mankind for thousands of years. A hundred years ago,

  People say that our future is a battle between the reality and our dreams. And if, unfortunately, Mr. Reality wins this war, then I see no future of mankind at all. AIDS will never be curable as this IS the reality; People living in the undeveloped countries will suffer from starvation forever as this IS the reality; 4)Disputes among different countries would never be settled as this misunderstandings and intolerance IS the reality.

  Ladies and gentlemen, how many of you have a dream of being able to make a lot of money? Please raise your hands. Oh, quite a number of you! Actually, ladies and gentlemen, this is not a dream, but a task. Every one of us has to make a living, right? Anyway I hope your task will be accomplished. How many of you think that you have already fulfilled your dream and that you don't dream anymore? Dear 5)adjudicators, what do you think? C.S. Lewis once said,

  Now that I am a university student, my goal is to graduate with excellences. But at the same time, I have a dream deeply rooted in our future. One day, people living in the areas now 6)sweltering with the horror of wars will be able to sit with their families and enjoy their every moment. One day, people from the rich countries are willing to share what they have with those from the poor countries

  and those from the poor countries will eventually be able to make their own happy living themselves. One day, different cultures in this age of globalization will coexist with tolerance and the unfriendly confrontations among them will be 7)eliminated. One day, the globe will share the dream with me and we will all contribute to making our dream come true. One day, our dream will defeat the reality!

  Thank you very much.












  Respect teacher, dear students: I am a number, today, the topic of my speech is "flying dreams".

  Flying dream, light the hope. The eighteenth big attracted worldwide attention, now, everyone is talking about the Chinese dream, xi jinping, general secretary, said: "I think that, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is the Chinese nation in modern times the greatest dream". The teacher gave us interpret this sentence said: "the Chinese dream is to realize the national prosperity, national rejuvenation, people's happiness." As a primary school student, I want to say that my "dream" is to become a great writer, like bing xin's grandmother to return parents with their patriotic enthusiasm, dedication to the motherland!

  "Chinese dream" let me remember a celebrity once said: the happiest thing in the world, is to struggle for a noble ideal. Language lesson I learned on - as long as the dream through struggle, it may become a reality. Even if you don't succeed, I also don't regret, because, at least I tried, struggle.

  In the third grade, weeks is project on Thursdays. It was my first time to write the real article, always fear to write in the heart is bad, will be criticized by the teacher, students will be a joke. According to the guidance of the teacher, I just want to clear through after school life. The teacher emphasized to highlight the word "wonderful". The more I think more difficult, I don't know how to show the "wonderful". Was particularly annoyed, I remember the teacher said: "the interesting plot, intense scenes, moving pictures, different name is wonderful." So I decided to write the last story competition.

  In the article. Write me to the competition area, at the sight of the lively scene, was tense. Write this part I highlighted the psychological activity in particular. Then I wrote the game process, especially wrote my performance on the stage. Hands began to tremble, head of words don't obedient, hide, also can not find out, is really urgent person. Casual glance, I am a teacher in the audience smile raise me up, mother in the audience the thumbs-up sign, let me have the confidence, strange to say, those who hide and seek with me words, sentences active appeared, I speak story has special devotion, applause dropped, I overcome myself, finished the story, also won the second prize. In the paper, I also wrote a bring me the joy of leisure activity.

  I put the paper for the first time, the teacher praised me to use a lot at ordinary times the accumulation of words, there are a lot of wonderful expression, said I was a young writer. I hear my became a little writer, thought from his great writer dream, close to the many. The heart indescribably happy.

  "Without the continuous bitter cold, how have no rainbow had the eyes no tears", learning to let me see only study hard, will succeed. As long as is a game, I want to attend, exercise self in order to achieve my dream.

  China is also a dream, I dream. China is day by day prosperous, the Chinese are day by day rich. If China is an ocean, I am a drop of water, only hundreds of millions of water droplets together, can become the sea. I want to fly dream, thousands of people to fly dream, China dream can be realized to fly over.

  Fly, my dream! The Chinese dream, fly!

  敬爱的老师,亲爱的朋友们:我是 号, 今日,我演说的题型是“放飞梦想”。

  放飞梦想,引燃期待。党的令人瞩目,如今,大伙儿都是探讨强国梦,说: “我以为,完成中华文化民族复兴,便是中国民族近现代至今最伟大的梦想”。教师给大家讲解应当时表示:“中国梦就是要完成国家富强、民族伟大复兴、人民幸福快乐。”作为一名中小学生,想对你说,我的“理想”是成为了一个像冰心奶奶那般伟大的文学家,用自身的爱国精神来收益爸爸妈妈,牺牲中华民族!